Description of GD&T Consulting Services

Dean Watts, the Owner/Director/Dimensional Engineer of Geometree XYZ LLC will first meet with your design team, in-person if possible, to learn about and become familiar with your product design.

Dean will then lead meetings that ideally include your design team member or members, as well as a manufacturing or procurement representative, and an inspection or metrology representative.

During the GD&T review meetings, Dean will ask many questions and will listen closely to the responses from the other meeting attendees.  The objective of the questions will be for Dean, and the group, to gain a complete understanding of the functional requirements of the design, as well as the manufacturing variation expected, the measurability of the features, and also the measurement capabilities of the particular inspection provider that will be working with the particular parts being discussed.

That information will enable to the GD&T coach to provide the options to the part designer regarding the regarding the following considerations:

  • Part restraint (fixturing) for measurement or considerations for measuring the parts in the “free state”
  • Datum feature selection, and the order of precedence needed to model the functional assembly such that measurement data will be useable to predict whether the parts will function or not.
  • Tolerancing of the datum features
  • Tolerancing of other critical part features
  • Inclusion of appropriate drawing notes that affect tolerance specification or measurement of the part
  • Inclusion of characteristic identifiers (tolerance numbers), to enable correlation between inspection reports and the tolerances applied
  • Inclusion of any key characteristic (critical tolerance) designations.

Dean will follow the decisions made by the part designer to provide a mark-up of the 2D drawing or 3D CAD model to your design team, for subsequent changes to the tolerancing specifications they will make the CAD files.

Dean will later check the 2D drawing or annotated 3D CAD model to ensure that the GD&T specifications and related notes have been properly applied as intended.

This process will be repeated for all parts you would like to ensure have optimal and practical (and therefore most profitable) tolerance specifications applied.

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