Why Our GD&T Training, Consulting and Related Services are the Best

Our training is the best because we have the best, most enthusiastic, and most experienced trainer, developing and delivering all of our training material for over 23 years.  All those years spent always trying different approaches to teaching GD&T has led to the development of a unique approach that clarifies the subject.

GD&T is necessary to avoid ambiguous tolerance specifications, but it is difficult to learn due to the need to visualize in 3D to fully understand the concepts, and also due to the many tools and modifiers included in the language.  The name and the training concept "Geometree XYZ LLC" has been developed by continuously looking for a better way to present the material.  By using a tree analogy and visual aide that provides:

  • All the types of tolerances,
  • the category their primary purpose falls within, and
  • their sometimes unexpected additional effects, that apply in only certain cases, and
  • the outcome of an entire specification, including modifiers and datum reference frame effects,

is captured by the Geometree® diagram used in our training.  The Geometree® provides the best means of presenting an overview of the language, as well as a visual image that can be used to keep all discussions in context.

The Geometree XYZ LLC Owner and Trainer, Dean Watts, has the following experience:

  • Production machining, precision sheet metal, and TIG welding full-time for 3 years
  • BS in industrial engineering from Oregon State University
  • U.S. Navy Submarine Warfare Officer for 5 years, providing further technical knowledge, leadership, and communication skills
  • MS in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University, as well as many hours involved in the design and construction and national competition of a very successful Formula SAE car
  • Worked as a manufacturing engineer and mechanical hardware design engineer at Hewlett Packard Company’s ink jet printer division, with 10 out of 15 years as the company GD&T trainer and consultant
  • ASME Certified GD&T Professional (GDTP S-0295)
  • Registered PE in the State of Washington
  • Active member of the GD&T standards development committees for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Y14.5 “Dimensioning and Tolerancing”, Y14.8 “Castings, Forgings, and Molded Parts”, and Chair of Y14.45 “Measurement Data Reporting”, all for 10 to 15 years
  • Further teaching experience as an adjunct faculty instructor of ME 411/511, a GD&T course at Oregon State University once each year for 10 years
  • Training and sales experience with Optical Gaging Products 3D measurement “Smart Scope” machines
  • Ten years of further GD&T training and coaching in industry as the owner of Validate-3D LLC, and now Geometree XYZ LLC
  • Over 50 years as an enthusiast of any and all mechanical devices.

Comments from Past Course Evaluations

  • Excellent job making confusing topic more clear. Why they don't teach this in school is bizarre.
  • Understands material, explains clearly, answers questions well.
  • Having an instructor who is a member of three ASME standards committees lends an immeasurable amount of credence to his subject matter presentation.
  • The in-depth, detailed discussions of the various topics were very enlightening as to the many nuances of how GD&T is interpreted.
  • Dean is a wealth of information.
  • Very strong and deep knowledge.
  • Explanations were very clear - Good teacher.
  • Extremely knowledgeable on material - Able to present well.
  • Excellent course. Perfect for my purposes.